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Who ever got off on these things? Aftoi pou milisan me ton thanato - I haven't seen this Greek war drama except for the whipping scene. In this Christian film, a woman is whipped off-screen by nazis. Kate upton fake naked pics. Whip Japanese Bdsm Humiliation.

The woman who is whipped is very attractive but this scene is so minor it shouldn't even be in the database really. She's also topless, but it's shot in such a way that you see no boobage.

She is topless, but her hair covers most of her back. Women whipped naked. The closing scene has a kidnapped women being savagely beaten with a belt by one of the bad guys. Ann is told by her mistress to strip, select a whip, is chained kneeling at the chair and whipped extensively as the man watches her reactions. Unfortunately all of the lashes are off-screen. Men at work Liz's ever-reddening butt endures a spanking, a caning, and a paddling roped and lashed dirty blonde Chained and hard lashed beauty Alisson enjoys her abuse at the hands of her Dominator Gagged and bound, she dangles by a rope from the ceiling while her captor administers puni The scene fades and a rape is implied.

Later, as some women are led out to be burned, you can see whip marks on their backs if you look closely. One scenes involve women strapped to a cross while being whipped across the front of her body.

Pretty good scene in an otherwise lackluster WIP flick. Real girlfriend ass. I don't recall that there was any dialog in the movie. The scene lasts almost one minute, showing multiple whip strokes in different camera angles. Samson and the Seven Miracles - Good whipping scene. Marie-Pierre Castel is very expressive as she is being whipped, and the sounds of the whip are loud and satisfying, but if you crave whip marks or the image of the lash striking her body, you will be disappointed.

Has one fairly gruesome scene where one girl is called out by her number for punishment. I've seen some rather racy stills from this film that apparently never made it to the screen. Has another scene where a woman is tied with her hands behind her back and then whipped with a belt. Infidelity American Style - Woman is layed on a platform and whipped on her bare back by a man with a hat and cape.

A woman is hung up by her wrists and whipped. In a later scene we can see the marks across Anita's back. Il fiore delle mille e una notte - by Pasolini - a young black slave is whipped by master, but we only hear the whipping and screams. Milf reverse gangbang. Intense screams german dubbingonly few lashes onsreen german version may be cutand shot from about 10 meters away. La Badessa Di Castro - about a bunch of nuns during 16th cent. What helps this scene work well is that none of the girls can be sure that she won't be next.

This was, after all, a musical comedy and scenes of torture would have been out of place. From what I've heard this is a brief scene. Also has a scene in whick Jack Palance flogs Anita Ekberg.

Still, the woman is very attractive, and IMO this is quite a good scene, if all too brief.

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A woman, held captive, is whipped in a barn while laying on the ground. Patriots - A woman is believed to have betrayed the IRA and is tortured. Best asian nude girls. Bound bent over babe ass flogged and clothes stripped off. Juliette March gets whipped, tied up and face fucked.

Nothing too notable, this film is more for straight bondage fans. Unnecessarily gruesome IMObut the beginning of the scene where the victim is stripped is very nice.

Eleni - Kate Nelligan has the soles of her feet beaten near the end of this film. Overall, the scenes are pretty good and this is definitely worth a look. She's taken to the basement, forced to strip, and tied with her arms spread wide. Samson and the Seven Miracles - Good whipping scene. The rest of the whipping scene shows her facial reactions, which are well acted.

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Various threats and tortures are tried but in one scene she is nude on the floor, wrists bound to her ankles. British milf crystal. Prisoners of the Lost Universe - Slave girl is whipped offscreen. Women whipped naked. A Cinderella Story - This teeny-bop, mystic-chick-flick has a brief scene in which we see Drew Barrymore's whipped back after she has been beaten off-screen by Anjelica Houston. Later, we see a couple of girls treating the whip cuts - which now, of course, look completely different.

Dee Williams Gets Do. Winding under the sharp strokes Manual labor, pussy licking, and intense orgasms fill this intake day, but in the end ther Nightmare in Badham County - Theatrical Version - In the theatrical version, which was shown overseas and on cable, a woman Denise Dillaway is stripped naked and whipped on her ass with a belt. Mondo Bizarro - In a fake Nazi play, a 'Jewish' girl is whipped.

The sequence is shot in slow motion to show off all the nice eye candy. She refuses so she's brought up the platform and has the back of her dress ripped down. Naked women with piercings. Whip marks are shown while she is changing at the gym with her friend. Mistress dominates pathetic sub with whip. Jekyll and the Wolfman - Spain This has a scene in which a woman is first whipped across the front of her body by another woman.

How The Women Went from Dover The tossing spray of Cocheco's fall Hardened to ice on its rocky wall, As through Dover town in the chill, gray dawn, Three women passed, at the cart-tail drawn! Burial of the Rats A young woman Maria Ford is tortured with whipping. That's probably why it was one of those that I couldn't initially remember for the list.

Margaret starts whipping her back, softly at first then increasingly harder until a tear appears in Sylvia's eye. Usual nun thing, they get in trouble and are questioned in torture chamber.

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Face of Fu Manchu - A pretty Chinese girl is tied to a wall, arms outstretched, and her back is bared. Conquest of Constantinople, The - l A rare little Turkish film, in black and white, no less, that features a surprisingly brutal whipping scene. Jayden james nude pictures. The woman in charge of the slaves whips one of them because she starts mouthing-off in a drunken state, everybody stands up and the lights go out. A murmur ran round the crowd: Her back is bared and a woman wearing black beats her with a bullwhip.

Queen of SM - also known as "Bondage Fantasia. By the same guy that made Night of the Sorcerers. Arab porn big tits The scene is very realistic and great. Women whipped naked. Marrakesh Cult - aka Brigade Mondaine In this French film, a woman is whipped for defying a cult leader's wishes. Amai Liu gets her pussy whipped, fisted and toyed by Amber Rayne. Has a scene where a woman is being whipped by another woman.

The woman is fully clothed, we don't see any marks on her, you never actually see any whipping and as you probably guessed this scene is rubbish. Pure and nude. Defilers, The - A sleazy nasty David Friedman production that is much better than you would expect. Flash of Green, A - A woman is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped with belts by "vigilantes.


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