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Last edited by TaylaurrApr 10, It is the new cool thing to complain about. Those can be fixed with some antidotes and a trip to a hotel sorry housekeeping! I want fatter body types in games why do all the guys have to be fit men. Thick ass latina milf. Well there's females that feel the same way about playing as a male character, and they deserve having female armour that isn't all worse than the male versions.

Nothing wrong with this. Sexy monster hunter girls. You know there is a anime board. This is actually what I expected when I entered the thread. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. There are females that like skimpy armor or prefer full armor.

Reminds me of Berserk style, so rough but sensitive We need to differentiate between the two here. I just kept wearing googles that we get in the beginning and I know it's gonna looks stupid with other armors. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Sexy gladiator girl. All skimpy chainmail bikinis for the girls and normal stuff for the guys. When that balance is disturbed and only one side is presented with a skimpy armor, then fans will complain.

Any nice asses in thongs or leotards so far? Male armor makes me look like a badass and looks nice. Lumu set at least have a pirate hat, I'm gonna try to get that. I don't want to go back and remake but I just may have to hahaha The fact that men don't also get savage-looking tattered scraps of clothing is irksome. Rurokenfreezeyboy and CrimsonToast like this. But with some of the armor sets looking like the one above, I don't know if I'd end up really disliking my character instead of loving her.

It's stupid when the only option is 'sexy'. The males get to look like badasses who actually do this sort of stuff for a living while the standard for the females is just being eye candy. It's the flagship monster and the female armor looks like your standard weeaboo trash anime.

The male version looks like some evil Power Ranger. As for the armour itself, not a fan. Submit a new text post. Zoë saldana nude. It's unlikely we're going to be seeing it change anytime soon.

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You make a lot of bikini armor and guess what happens? Terms of Use Violations: Noone has anything against women in something "hot" - when the context is right. I'm not really sure what I was expecting when I entered this thread, but this certainly wasn't it.

Just look at that bald head! Unlike this hot messcourtesy of Frontier. Pointy tits photos. I'm going to be playing on PS4 and then PC when it comes out, so maybe I'll just do male on one and female on the other. Too bad, you get this tube top and strings with leggings" " Because that's what you like " Yayyyy Ever see the monster Hunter hentai comics taylurr?

Terms of Use Violations: The series has branched out into PlayStation Portable games and a massively multiplayer online game. Lumu set at least have a pirate hat, I'm gonna try to get that. Needs more real girls instead of drawings. How is a portrayal of a female, in this case specifically her outfit, in a video game irrelevant to sexism? Ah well, still hope for that plague doctor looking set to be cool for female hunters.

JusticeWoman JusticeWoman 3 months ago 1 As a female who likes to show her body, I want my character to do the same thing instead of covering it up.

I also suspect the better graphics have something to do with the more-skimpy-looking-than-normal-armor this generation though, now that we can actually see what the clothes and characters look like I'm personally disappointed with this nergigante armor, I wanted my female character to look terrifying and badass like the dude wearing nerg armor revealed earlier. So into it that you gotta beat mud off of him to get to his baby-smooth skin. Monster Hunter by hentaiboy Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Even on females armor sets for monsters like Gravios, Diablos, Duramboros etc have been bulky and and in many cases showing zero skin. Sexy asian naked pics. Eheh, i couldn't explain what i feel. Sexy monster hunter girls. Males had the same look for Kirin armor and nargacuga The point of a power fantasy is that the avatar represents you and it is "you" looking cool and doing those badass things, but if you don't identify with a male then it's much harder for the male character to ever represent you.

How do you dodge Nergs tracking dive bomb? If it was an option then that would be grand, but it's not, and for the flagship gear to look like this is making me really concerned about what some of the other elder dragon gear will look like:


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