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Pornstar Morrigan is not how I remember the Morrigan's portrayal in real-world mythology but I could be wrong. Vulcan shows his muscles like Athena shows her legs, so I think they're about equal.

Need I even suggest what would happen had they represented Islamic figures in their game? Now imagine something like that with a male. Tits n beer. Smite Info and Help: Let me start off with this I wrote a while ago; "So Thursday my art history teacher brought something to my attention that I may have to explore further.

Kali is topless in Hindu mythology. Smite goddesses nude. Originally Posted by ShoNuff Kay. What has happened to this game is the perfect example of why modern society is fucked up the ass over sex. Do you have a counter argument or are you just going to wring your hands over the internet boogyman. I have no idea. Their war deities should follow suit. It's like with Hel Ohhhhhhh this should be good. Cameron russell naked. And let's follow true classic lore, Cupid must look like this: Contact Us Smite Archive Top.

Just because you get triggered at Aphrodite's body doesn't mean it's sexualized, that's just you, same way with most of the goddesses in the game if not all of them. None of those three words should be on the same thing. The Universal Society of Hinduism is once again up in arms over a videogame, this time Smite, a multiplayer game that pits gods from various pantheons against one another in online arena combat.

Do you want them to stop being men? You demonstrated that it could be argued that the designs were true to myth which, I still think it debatable. She is described as being piebald, with a face half-human and half blank, or more usually, half alive and half dead. Well we got that new skin for herc tho I think hi rez and the media both sexualize a lot the male figure. To put it very simply, Athena in the trojan war intervened as a defender of certain people. You update these depictions to represent modern visions of perfect female traits.

If you guys want less sexualized females,then I want equality,and make the male gods to be covered and tone down muscles. To give you an idea Even Medusa and Arachne share this shape from the waist up. Yet those perceptions are also honed and changed by cultural expectations. Bellona, like Artemis, is an attractive tomboy. Monica bellucci milf. As for Bastet, I kind of agree that she needs more catlike features since she's a goddess of cats.

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If I don't play as Athena even if she's always been my heroine, it means this game had done something wrong with her.

And she fights by dancing. IF there is anyone to blame for sexulizing these goddess's, its the fault of the pantheon its self, not Hi Rez for taking a homeless, Clothless goddess and putting some clothing on her. Extremely sexy women naked. Smite goddesses nude. Sure it's contributing to a "culture" or whatever but honestly What I don't want is for them to change already-existing ones. If you feel you need to say something not related to the thread for future posters here. While I don't think its inherently wrong to show a little or a lot of skin in nieths case, My problem lies in that fact that some goddesses are made to wear high heels, like Neith and Athena, these are gods who are very physically active, and an argument about supernatural grace aside, it would be pretty hard to chase after someone and do jumps and such in high heels, so what i mean is it looks purely like an gender based aesthetic choice rather than one of common sense utility.

Last Jump to page: That has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Certain opinions should be kept to oneself. What I'm saying, without holding absolutely any agenda in this, is that smite chicks are painfully boring when compared to their counterparts.

Smite is anything but true to the source material. I like pretty female characters. Celtic is not one of my strongest suits in terms of knowledge unlike most of the other pantheons.

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If we look back and The Janet Jackson controversy, one incident got her black listed, and derailed her entire career. Naked sexy hentai girls. No, it's more like that shit is straight out of Fem Freq.

But I don't think it's an issue that they're sexualized. I would like to see footwear more in line with Freya,in other words proper boots. I agree with you, but it's not only showing a little bit of skin, I think that's quite beautiful, but I think that some goddesses don't have to be so naked, I find it unnecessary.

Originally Posted by LiamX. Do you want them to stop being men? Remove the mental sexual component, remove the anger over it. Now, have an example of how Kali is portrayed in religious art:. Another classic example of double standards and ignoring the obvious signs at the heart of the matter and the same tired flat out ignorant and wrong arguments by another male critic who just doesn't get it.

Look at the world around you. Or in reality Tumblr and teenage girls who wish to feel their lives have meaning User was banned for: I do not think the developers would be or currently are opposed to satisfying this desire at all. Milf lesbian sex party. BlueFast was not mentioning attractive males. So no, not too sexual for me. If they were even, and let me simply repeat my post

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Www naked sex video com I obviously don't speak for women everywhere I'm a guy , but the women I know talk about their tits a lot when it comes to beauty and appearance, because women people in general, not even just women don't generally want to be ugly unless they're trying to send some message. Athena and Kali are ruined by the high heels. She's a scorpion with a human head.
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Sexy white girl ass shaking But I agree, an example would be making Arachne a big ass spider monster like Broodmother from Dota 2.


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