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SP became exponentially better over the past 4 or 5 years so I basically just want to know if it was because you quit writing for them. Busty milf pussy. The last group of episodes staying awake the longest, who can drink the most beer are more real and are acutal competitions.

Don't have a problem going too far. Oh, that's a good question! We really are these people, unfortunately. Yeah, I love Canada, I'd love to go meet people. Kenny hotz nude. I did a lot of things in the show to mislead Spenny, this was one of them. I'm not sure who or what they are, but gimme 3 hits of ecstacy and I'll jerk off to Boyz2Men.

Showcase flipped and wouldn't show it. Get something on the air so I can watch it. Spenny, what's a typical reaction from a 'Kenny fan' you meet on the street?

Would you and spenny ever go on a live comedy tour? Way to be on the side of rapists. Lucy lawless naked sex. Which was your favorite episode? I've said it many times. Spenny believed he was thinking outside the box by including men's breasts the rules only specify "breasts" ; However, Kenny noticed the loophole as well, and included cow's udders, mannequins, and even chicken breasts. He hugged fans at an autograph session, and brushed up against women at the CNE.

This is because a few years ago my friend made a fake MySpace account with my pictures, and you messaged "him" and said dirty things about me. I'll keep supporting in any way I can. Troy medland February 2, at 6: I'd say the climate is so corporate now it's hard to work in my genre, but I'm trying. No questions but love your stuff. The guys wore weight vests to see who could carry an extra 80 lbs.

Nasally Kenny impression "Meh, pug rapist, and Dr. For all I know Obama likes us. Spenny was confused and demanded they stop. Works at Parts and Labour. Cuz it was CBC. Nude korean pictures. If you fingerbanged Corrinne surely you could get drunk enough to fuck Bianca for more soul breaking deliciousness. Please, do not take this as bashing and I apologize if thats the way this is coming off.

While Spenny was gone, Kenny hired a black maid to clean the house and be interviewed. Each episode was really different, I kinda felt early on that no one was really watching us and I could really do anything I want.

Spenny has lost his temper at this question and has stormed out of the room Kenny:

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Unknown July 2, at 2: We didn't recognize that password reset code. Girls who can lick there own pussy. Kenny spies on the two while the naturist councels Spenny and encourages him to act as normal as possible. Need help with your existing subscription? Spenny, thinking that his script offer was real, bought seven Bibles from Kenny to prove he was serious about quitting the show to become a Hollywood screenwriter.

Wanna do more shows. Kenny walked around with a dwarf friend tied to his chest and had him drop Spenny's guitar off the roof, causing Spenny to use his arms to catch it. In a role reversal, Kenny vowed not to cheat, knowing Spenny was not a comfortable cook.

I hope the family gets her back. Are you content with your careers so far? I can do both. Afterwards, my friend pointed out that he looks as if he's been doing drugs. Kenny hotz nude. KvS was my favourite show back when it was on the air, I still rewatch some of the old episodes from time to time. Girls fake orgasm. Kenny used a text-to-speech program to talk for him.

I think I'm being ignored, have been for years. But I never radiated him. Kenny intentionally slacked off and acted like a poor soldier so that he could appear to be improving as the competition progressed. Improv means 'I'm too lazy to write anything' the stupidest form of comedy there is. Spenny declared that touching the floor on a boat in the water would not count as being on the ground.

KvS was one of the best shows I've ever seen, and I got all my friends into it. I am a bored security guard in real life and all I do on my hr long shifts is surf Reddit and watch Kenny vs Spenny. However, Kenny turned it into an excuse to make fun of Spenny on every occasion, the latter eventually giving up and storming off the set. Wait for the instructions to arrive in your inbox 3. Kenny then used a capybaraclaiming it was a "South American Jungle Rat".

What are you working on now? Just curious what does a guy have to do to get an autographed pic of ya?!

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Putting up all of your shit for free is noble and I love you for it. Female employee paid to parade naked in office. YouTube channel reviews are here! Lists of comedy television series episodes Lists of Canadian television series episodes.

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What are you shitting on me for? Thank god I'm a genius or I'd be sucking dicks in Kingston with Spenny. Thank god it did, otherwise doing that for no reason would have been a nightmare.

I wish I had an interesting question to ask knowing this will be on the front page soon. Animal xxx sexy video. Hope you don't mind the smell of octupus. And also that spenny was wearing a wedding ring at a point in the beer episode.

The corporal decided that Spenny was too easily rattled and declared Kenny the winner. But I never radiated him. Netflix would be perfect, because there's less people telling you what you can't do there. Naked peta video Kenny hotz nude. How come in KvS you always seemed to be better off in the show? Spenny - Bianca Tries Seducing Kenny There was no humiliation for Spenny other than Kenny's revelation.

I just can't believe there are Spenny fans that shit on me. Comedy Central Reality TV


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