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Andy's naked ass is nothing to look at. Erotic muscle girls. I also remember a blogger who saw AC and Ben walking in the West Village saying that there was so much macho swagger going on with them that he thought it was a put on.

Now hurry up and make an appointment to the free clinic so you can get those Schizophrenia meds refilled asap! Why is the internet full of cats? R73 CNN is paying for his celebrity. Naked anderson cooper. Give the little old man a break. He likes to rest his lower back on his hands when receiving as he can make it feel like his sphincter is crawling up your dick by clenching and relaxing while using his hands to march his but up your dick.

Benderson frau at r50 was kicked out of detective school and also flunked Spelling in 3rd grade. Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? My preference would be to see newsperson David Muir in that recumbant position gooogle him if need be but I am not picky! I have a friend who has slept with Benjamin aka Antwon.

Only a Ben frau would use wording like that. Switch to US edition? I think he came of age at a time when that was possible, to be as recognized as he was and yet kind of unknown in many ways still. He shops at Costco. I realize that Anderson Cooper must have his pick of guys, but that seems unnecessary given that they were set up by mutual friends.

There is a likely chance someone will see his ass. Slap tits porn. If you want to get split in half, go jump on a fence post. We used to around here years ago. Anderson is talking about himself, he's a guy who wants to live his life like the gay men of the old days Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlain who never disclosed what their sexuality was. Graham Hueber Andy Cohen is gorgeous and cute.

R9 another poster here said that AC changes with a towel wrapped around his waist all the time. Has anyone seen it? Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. He's not unattractive mind you but surprisingly average.

Intelligent people aren't going to post that leap because they know they'll be slammed for it. He has blown up since. You are unable to make that judgment. If he didn't have that body he would be unremarkable.

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Meanwhile, let's hear more about Jerry O'Connell, who has been going to the same gym as AC and Ben - the planet's most important gay couple who will never part for the rest of their lives and are ALWAYS together for every minute of the day and night.

OP have you not seen Ben changing? Gabriel looks too pretty for AC's taste. Free nude sexy images. How did it smell? That was of course before his show started and he was at the gym more.

Gabriel, in my mind, is the obvious prize. Ben is monster sized. R, there are some people who are very upset about Anderson being with Ben, they just don't like that Anderson is finally settled down with someone and that there's no way to deny it so they become unhinged and create stories about them not being together to make themselves feel better, it shouldn't matter, but it does. Only a Ben frau would use wording like that. Cosmopolitan UK is famous for their sexy centerfolds, particularly for their annual testicular cancer awareness issue.

It's interesting that you don't seem to mind their particular brand of fiction, and only complain about the much less egregious kind that the Benderson camp sometimes but not always indulges in. Yes, it is a leap.

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That may be r57, but 44 would still be considered a remarkably young age for anyone to die. Naked anderson cooper. Was it so small as to be undetectable? Please please tell us more.

News that he's decided to deep-six the idea and retract his offer. Wonder woman lesbian porn. Plenty more characters here. So, I think, oh, a jock then. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of andersoncooper danielnardicio playgirl stories and more. How often do you see Anderson and his bf Ben at the gym? Understatement, especially considering the number of advertisers fleeing his show.

Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? By the standards of many of his interviews, this one with Jennifer Lawrence and hottie Josh Hutcherson is fairly tame. Switch to US edition? Sounds like R is the crazy one who needs a straitjacket, restraining order, psychological screening and a traveling therapist to put her on the path of sanity and reason, but alas I fear even those things wouldn't help her.

If he didn't have that body he would be unremarkable. I find what he said about AC and Ben's interaction really interesting. I have however seen Ethan Hawke's cock years ago in the same locker room, funny enough.


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